How I passed the Google Analytics & AdWords exams in my first attempt?

I recently became Google Analytics & AdWords certified. At first, I was intimidated by these exams as these platforms are quite vast and can take sheer amount of practice & learning to understand them well. But i studied hard and put considerable amount of practice which eventually paid off. Before we go into the steps to clear these exams, let’s [...]

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What is the difference between AdWords and AdSense?

Since both these ad platforms are developed and owned by Google, and named using the same prefix, they create quite a confusion among digital enthusiasts. Apart from using the same Google login, they are completely different and independent from each other. Let’s understand them one by one. AdWords AdWords is a platform which enables you to create your search or [...]

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What is the difference between a Blog and a Website (or a WordPress Blog and a WordPress Website)?

A lot times, I have seen people getting confused between a blog and website. Although it’s a simple concept, it can also mislead some people. First let me explain what a Blog is. A Blog is a type of website or a part of website that is written & updated from time to time by a blog author. Blog posts [...]

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Which colleges in India offer a 2 Year Full Time MBA/PGDM programmes (AICTE Approved) in Communications/Advertising?

Somaiya Vidyavihar Campus, Mumbai While there are many colleges in India that offer certificate courses in Advertising, only a handful of good colleges offer an MBA/PGDM in Communications /Advertising. I have sorted these colleges based on a rating system of Excellent, Good & Average. […]

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