A lot times, I have seen people getting confused between a blog and website. Although it’s a simple concept, it can also mislead some people.

First let me explain what a Blog is.

A Blog is a type of website or a part of website that is written & updated from time to time by a blog author. Blog posts can be news/articles/movie reviews/any type of content which is published in a chronological order. They can also be categorized by topic and archived by date/month/year.

Example- digitalqueries.com is a blog where I am the author. I have categorized my posts into General, Social Media, Analytics etc. and will archive them by month & year. Posts on my blog appear in a reverse chronological order.

Here is a screenshot which will help you to understand this-

An example of a poetry blog

On the other hand, a Website is a collection of related pages/multimedia like a Static home page, photo gallery, contact information, faq section, e commerce products etc. This gives knowledge, experience & information to the user about the brand/website.

Explanation 1: So in short I can say that a Website can contain a blog (refer to below image) but a blog can’t and doesn’t contain a website. A blog can either be a part of a website or a standalone entity.

A website with a blog section

Explanation 2: If you are still confused, let me put it this way. Suppose you have a small business of computer hardware and you want to make a website for it. So your ideal website will contain a static home page which will have information about your business. Your website can also have a contact, product or services offered page.

Now you also want a section on your website which will publish fresh news content about computer hardware on a regular basis. So this particular section will be a Blog.

In short, a Website is just a blog where you have moved the “blog” section over to a new tab and replaced the home page with a static/product/contact page.

P.S: Please do not get confused with the term “WordPress” written before a blog or a website or in the above question. WordPress is just an online, open source website and blog creation tool.