Since both these ad platforms are developed and owned by Google, and named using the same prefix, they create quite a confusion among digital enthusiasts. Apart from using the same Google login, they are completely different and independent from each other. Let’s understand them one by one.


AdWords is a platform which enables you to create your search or display ads, choose your budget (with no minimum value) and decide where you want the ads to appear.

With Google AdWords you can advertise on Google search results page, Google sites like YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google Play and Google display network (websites that show google ads). In short, AdWords is one of the best mediums to advertise your business with well-defined budget & targeted audience.



AdSense is an ad delivery platform that shows Google Ads on individuals’ website. It is basically used by web publishers like blog owners or webmasters.

Based on the user clicks or impressions (which is based on the type of ad), Google pays blog owners when an ad is displayed on their site. In short, AdSense is an option to make money out of your content rich website through renting out your space to Google.


AdWords vs AdSense


Can we use Google AdWords & Google AdSense together?

No, You can’t. And if you try to do this, your account will eventually get banned by Google.

Let’s take an example of my own blog- What if I use AdSense to display google ads on my blog so that I can earn money when visitors click on those ads AND on the other hand, I use AdWords to create ads to specially promote my website so that more people visit my blog and click on my AdSense ads and I make more money out of it. In the past, this scenario could have worked but not anymore because Google has tightened the rules so that people don’t misuse these platforms. Some of these rules are-

When you create an ad using AdWords, then its landing page cannot have AdSense ads. Also, AdWords has some strict policies on what products/services you can advertise using their platform. Similarly, AdSense has laid down certain best practices and ad placement policies that users should follow.