Google Certifications

I recently became Google Analytics & AdWords certified. At first, I was intimidated by these exams as these platforms are quite vast and can take sheer amount of practice & learning to understand them well. But i studied hard and put considerable amount of practice which eventually paid off.

Before we go into the steps to clear these exams, let’s first understand their structure.



About the examsGoogle Analytics Certificate

There are currently 4 different certifications available on the Google Partners platform-

1- Analytics

2- AdWords

3- Mobile Sites

4- Digital Sales

To become AdWords certified, you need to pass 2 exams. The AdWords Fundamentals and anyone of theseSearch Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Adverting, Mobile Advertising & Shopping Advertising

For the other 3 certifications, only 1 exam is required for each. Below are some of the important points to remember-


AdWords CertificateApplicable for all exams

Passing Score-80%

Retake option- If you didn’t pass the exam, you can retake the test after 7 days

Certification Cost- Free

The exam cannot be paused. You also cannot flag or return to a previous question


Varies based on the type of exam

Duration: 90-120 Mins

Number of questions: 55-100

Certificate Validity Period: 12-24 Months

Available in 15-43 languages


Google Certification 

To more about these exams, visit- Login with your Google Account. You will see the list of certifications on the left hand side. Read the details and decide what all exams you want to take.


How to pass these exams: 6 Steps


Step 1: Do not do these things.

 – Don’t waste your time on 100% success rate study guides available on the internet

 – Don’t waste your time on random YouTube video tutorials. They are just not enough

 – Don’t buy any online guide/course to pass these exams. You just don’t need them

I can tell you this so confidently because I did the same thing and end up wasting a couple of days. Just remember one thing. No one in this world can prepare you better for these exams other than Google itself.


STEP 2: Stick to Google’s exam study guides.

Google Academy provides PDF Guides and Video Tutorials for all the exams. Start your preparation with these guides. They are more than enough to cover all the exam basics. Rest depends on your practical application/practice with these platforms. Here are the links to the official guides-


1. Google Analytics


2. Google AdWords

Guide 1:

Guide 2:


3. Mobile Sites

Guide 1:

Guide 2: Select ‘Get certified in mobile sites’ course from this catalogue


4. Digital Sales

Guide 1: Go to Select Certifications>Digital Sales.

Guide 2: Select ‘Selling in Digital’ course from this catalogue




My Notes During Preparation. I still refer to them while using Analytics & AdWords Platforms

STEP 3: Make Notes. Study at your own pace.

Trust me, this material can be quite overwhelming especially if you are a beginner. So don’t try to finish it off in one go. Take short notes for every chapter you finish. Because if you don’t do this from start, you may forget many important definitions and points after a while.

Also, finish the material at your pace. Don’t rush. Grasp all the concepts thoroughly. Take short breaks in between. I took around 2-3 weeks to clear Google Analytics and AdWords Exams.


STEP 4: Play around with the Analytics/AdWords Platforms

The analytics course is designed in such a way that you have to use the platform as google gives you a demo account to practice. For AdWords, you can practice by creating & managing a few ad words campaigns.


STEP 5: Go through sample questions before the exam

There are many websites on the internet which provide answers to previous exam questions. People have also uploaded live recorded exams on YouTube. I have noticed that many of my exam questions were repeated from the earlier exams so it’s a good idea to go through as many as you can.

Please don’t treat this as a quick fix tip for passing your exam. Do this activity only after you finish the respective course material and not the other way around.


STEP 6: Taking the Exam

Make sure you are taking the exam in a quiet place as you cannot pause it. During the exam, if you find any question confusing/difficult, just select that question with your mouse, right click on it and click on “Search google for…” (or just copy-paste the question in Google). Most probably, you will find its answer in the first/second search result.

But again, as I have iterated earlier, don’t use this strategy to pass the exam. Yes, if you just want to show off your certificates, you can adopt this strategy. But if you really want to learn and excel in these platforms, you have to word hard & put in your efforts. This strategy is just to get more out of it.

At the end of the day, it completely depends what you want to get out of Google. It can show you both the worlds-the good & the bad.